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Brooke Raines is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer passionate about creating impact-driven media at the intersection of people and the planet. 

Feeling most alive and at home in the natural world, you will often find Brooke immersed in rugged environments with her camera in tow. Her experience ranges from documentary and branded storytelling to expedition, editorial, and commercial photography. 

Seeing storytelling as a vital catalyst for driving real-world change, Brooke focuses her career on amplifying the work of individuals and organizations creating positive change, whether the cameras are rolling or not. Notably, Brooke directed, filmed, and edited Boundary Spanning, a 10-part docu-series with the non-profit 4 Walls International and Patagonia Cardiff that sheds light on frontline communities restoring the Tijuana Estuary in Mexico and the U.S. 

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Photo by Allegra Hutton Photography
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